Pilates-Angel Terms and Conditions

Now Offering  “The Angel Cleanse” organic meals delivered to your door. 

Hello, my name is Angel Maffei. I am a certified pilates instructor and studio owner of PilatesAngel in Hermosa Beach, CA for over 10 years and have been teaching for 20 years. 

 I have always loved and been devoted to health and wellness.  Prior to teaching pilates I managed a very busy internal medicine practice in Marina Del Rey, CA.       My experience there was life altering and changed me for the better.  During that time, I had the good fortune of working with pioneering physicians who were among the first to offer a holistic approach to wellness. The doctors advocated meditation, Chinese herbs and acupuncture. There was an ayurvedist that came in and a masseuse. I started seriously studying yoga and the Hindu philosophy at that time as well.  Since that time, I have been studying diet and nutrition, supplementation and wellness consistently.  I am currently in school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

 Through the years I have personally worked with nutritionists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine doctors, Gastroenterologists and more.  After going through a very stressful & difficult time personally, I developed what I referred to as “leaky gut”.  It was awful.  Nobody could really accurately diagnose me or help me consistently so I set out to heal myself.  With the help of the aforementioned group of amazing healers and through constant studying of books, the internet, blogs, you name it, I started to better understand what was causing such uncomfortable bloating, constipation & other reactions to so many foods.  I thought I ate so healthy!  

My diet and my bodies response to it is something that I work on continually as we all evolve and go through life changes, hormonal fluctuations and on and on. I have developed the “Angel Cleanse” meals delivered system as a way of offering what works for me!  I have collaborated with Chef Reilly of Southbay Food Company and designed menus that emphasize detoxification, immunity support, phytonutrients, antioxidants, adaptogens, and other superfoods.  The “Angel Cleanse” is gluten, soy, and dairy free.  We use only organic, local and sourced ingredients. The “Angel Cleanse” can be used to lose weight if you have extra pounds to lose or if you are just wanting to feel lighter and less bloated.  It is very low calorie and therefore, if you do not have a lot of weight to lose, you can add as many organic fruits, vegetables & high- quality protein and grains to the diet as you like!

The basis of the program is to get your body working optimally. 


This program includes the following:

One 12 oz. morning elixir

One superfood snack that can be broken up into morning and afternoon snacks

One superfood protein bowl that includes, greens, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds high quality fish, chicken, bison, turkey, or grassfed beef

One homemade healing herbal dressing

16 oz (2 servings) of organic grassfed bone broth to have as your last meal of the day

(other programs to follow include “Radiate”, “resurrect”, “Ascension” & “transcend”